Pistaceo Capture

Pistaceo Capture is a high-volume, enterprise grade batch document capture application. It allows for scanning and indexing of large amounts of paper documents quickly. It is a simple yet powerful capture solution that can help in large backlog scanning projects where documents are scanned, automatically identified, indexed, verified and released into a document management system repository.


Capture Process

Pistaceo Capture can release document and index data to multiple document management systems. The product has release modules available to the following DMS repositories:

Document Capture Features

  • Multi-mode scanning(color, B&W, grayscale)
  • Batch scanning support
  • Easy images manipulation and editing features
  • Batch and documents separation features through Barcodes
  • Easy indexing of documents through barcodes
  • OCR to PDF feature
  • Integration with other systems through indexing connectors
  • Compatibility with TWAIN Scanners
  • Configurable batch and document types
  • User-defined metadata
  • Configurable scanning profiles
  • Image formats: TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG
  • Black & white, grayscale, and color scanning
  • Automatic blank page removal
  • Image processing: Deskew, despeckle, punch hole removal, line removal
  • Image viewer with zoom & rotate Options
  • Automatic Document Identification: barcodes, patch sheets, image template based identification
  • Metadata definition tool
  • Integer, decimal, string, date and bool data types
  • Validations : list, database, regular expressions
  • Lookups : list, database
  • Connectors to popular document management systems
  • Export and import of configurations
  • Export documents to TIFF, PDF, PDF/A formats
  • Multi-lingual OCR