Pistaceo Content Services

Pistaceo Content Services

Pistaceo work management solution allows management of enterprise documents and configuration of the key business processes thus automating the workflows. The product offers the following benefits to its customers:

Improve organizational productivity

Automate business processes

Get a deep insight into what is going on in the organization

Monitor transactions and outcomes

Delight customers with exceptional service


Highlights of the Pistaceo features that help you put your business into the next stratosphere.



Pistaceo provides a robust, highly scalable and secure repository to store the content. Besides it provides federation capabilities to unify popular ECM repositories using CMIS and other cloud based storage repositories. Pistaceo will manage and federate all content, wherever they are.


Users can subscribe to events and get notified when such events happen in the system. Be it creation, updation or deletion of documents, assignments or completion of tasks, expiry of documents or elapsed deadlines of workflows - Pistaceo will notify you.


Create your record categorizations and filing plans. Declare records. Set retention schedules on your records or any aggregations. Define your disposition policies and schedules. Place holds on records or aggregations. Pistaceo has everything in store for your records.


Ingesting documents into the content repository is simplified in Pistaceo. Whether you scan documents individually or in batches, upload from local or cloud folders or drag and drop emails - Pistaceo allows you to capture the documents and metadata. Intellegently.


Move away from paper forms. Create electronic forms using our form editor. Validate data inputs against your systems and databases. Set auto-numbering and calculations. Generate presentable documents using templates and form data. Push data to workflows.


Signing documents has never been easy. Route documents to the signatories in workflows and get them signed automatically on approval. Alternately you can place a signholder and get the signatory to sign there. Send to external users on email and get signed too.


People like scribbling on paper. Whether it is comments, notes or approvals. With Pistaceo you can do the same. Scribble on the documents on screen. or from your mobile. Besides you can add sticky notes as well. Download the documents with or without the annotations too.


Pistaceo works on the principle of necessity and sufficiency. Give access to people who absolutely need it. Give only enough privileges they require. Secure individual documents. Or set inheritable permissions on folders or document types. You get simple, yet sophisticated security.


Pistaceo radiates openness. You get all the APIs that we used to build our client applications. Integrate with any systems. Our APIs are published and accessible from any language or script. REST is with you. Built-in integrations with your LDAP and email systems.

Why Pistaceo?

Pistaceo offers the following benefits as compared to other competing solutions:

Being a no-code platform, implementation will be extremely quick and can be done at a fraction of the cost, effort and time it would take to implement other legacy products

It is an open platform and provides APIs that can be used to integrate with other systems

It is an accessible platform where engineers can self-train and get certified. This will eliminate the need for expensive resources to carry out implementation and maintenance

Pistaceo is a new age platform that is built on the latest technology stacks. It is lean and less resource hungry as compared to its competitors

Customers are entitled for all product upgrades (major and minor) as part of warranty and annual maintenance

Flexible licensing - Perpetual as well as subscriptions

All-in-one bundle. Document, Workflow, Records and Capture. No need to buy individual modules separately

Pistaceo provides seamless integration capabilities. It offers REST APIs that can be used to integrate the solution tightly with any ERP or CRM system. Since REST is language independent you can use any of the programming languages or frameworks to integrate with Pistaceo.

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