Using Pistaceo all types of organizational workflows can be automated. Electronic Forms can be created for capturing the details of the transaction from the initiators and additional documents are attached to the workflows throughout the process. The system allows for manual or automated routing of tasks, rules based routing, integration with other systems in a workflow step and automatic document filing. In Pistaceo the processes can be versioned so that changes can take effect from newly initiated workflows only.


The Finance department of any organization will be processing various requests from different parties. The typical workflows in Finance include:

  • Account Payables Automation
  • Employee Expense Reimbursements
  • Capital Expenditure Requests
  • Vendor onboarding process
  • Contract Approvals
  • Budget Approvals

The typical HR processes that can be automated with Pistaceo include:

  • Hiring requests
  • Employee on-boarding
  • Visa processing
  • Travel authorizations
  • Performance review process

Our customers are using Pistaceo for automating all correspondence management workflows. Be it handling Incoming correspondences, Outgoing correspondences, Internal Memos or Transmittals Pistaceo can be used to record such correspondences and route them to appropriate recipients. The document generation feature from templates can be utilized to author all correspondence documents and the signature feature allows for embedding the sender’s signature in these documents. The correspondences can be delivered over email or physically by printing and dispatching.

Besides the aforementioned generic processes, Pistaceo can automate domain specific workflows such as Loan origination and New account opening in Banking, Claims processing and Policy enrollments in Insurance and Contract management in Real-estate.